He is a silent man. He walks the streets, watching, looking for the right place. He finds it in the middle of a market. He sets up a stand. But instead of selling his goods, the silent man gives them away for free. The other sellers watch. They feel provoked. The situation escalates. They lose control. But, in the end, there is hope.


2.HUMAN_the girl╕TRIARTE 2014
3.HUMAN_at the church╕2014TRIARTE
4.HUMAN_The Sellers╕2014TRIARTE


Marcel Iureș - The Human

Magda Catone - Sales Woman

Cristian Nicolaie - 1st Seller

Norbert Hauser - 2nd Seller

Silviu Biriș - Father

Eva Biriș - Girl

Christel Ungar-Topescu - Buying Woman

Carol Ionescu - Teenager


Directing & Writing: Brigitte Drodtloff
DOP: Frank Glencairn
Set Designer: Mircea Vasile
Make-up: Andra Iulia Margina
Sound: Iolanda Gîrleanu, Vlad Miu
Score: Anne Nikitin
Cutter: Frank Glencairn
Sound Design: Berthold Kröker
Postproduction: Frank Glencairn, Berthold Kröker
Producer: Brigitte Drodtloff, Jörg Schnitger,
Laura Baron Georgescu, Ciprian Nicolae Duica



o Anonimul Filmfestival 2014, Bucharest/Romania - Ovidiu Bose Pastina Award

o Moondance International Film Festival 2014, Boulder, Colorado/USA GAIA Award

o REFLECTA - Rethink Your World Filmfestival 2014, Frankfurt/Germany Best Fiction Award

o Rochester International Film Festival 2015, Rochester NY/USA Shoestring Award

o Lady Filmmakers Festival 2015, Beverly Hills/USA Director´s Award

o WORLDFEST Filmfestival 2016, Houston/USA Platinum REMI Award


o 48. Hofer Filmtage 2014, Hof/Germany - German Premiere - Nominated

o 36. Filmfestival Max Ophüls 2015, Saarbrücken/Germany - Official Selection

o Raindance Shorts 2014, London/UK - Nominated

o Foyle Film Festival 2014, Londonderry/Northern Ireland - Nominated

o Orlando Film Fest 2014, Orlando, Florida/USA - Nominated

o Filmfest Düsseldorf 2014, Düsseldorf/Germany - Official Selection

o Tehran Short Film Festival 2014, Teheran/Iran - Nominated

o ALTER-NATIVE 22 2014, Targu Mures/Romania - Nominated

o Golden Orchid International Festival 2014, Pennsylvania State University/USA - Official Selection

o Kalpanirjhar International Short Fiction Film Festival 2014, Kolkata/India - Official Selection

o AERO Filmfestival 2014, Ærøskøbing/Denmark - Official Selection

o Mumbai Women‘s International 2014, Mumbai/India - Nominated

o 16th Madurai Film Festival 2014, Madurai/India - Official Selection

o Rumänisches Filmfestival 2014, Filmmuseum Munich/Germany - Official Selection

o KARAMA Film Festival 2014, Amman/Jordan - Official Selection

o 9th THE HAGUE - STREAMING FESTIVAL 2014, Hague/Netherlands - Official Selection

o 25. Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 2015, Bamberg/Germany - Official Selection

o 12th SHORT SOUP INT’L SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2015, Sydney/Australia - Official Selection

o Palm Springs Short Fest 2015, Palm Springs, Colorado/USA - Official Selection

o 16. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival 2015, Landshut/Germany - Official Selection

o Snowdance Filmfestival 2015, Landsberg/Germany - Nominated

o Winter Film Awards 2015 Indie Film Festival, New York/USA - Nominated

o Chennai International Short Film Festival CISFF 2015, Chennai/India - Official Selection

o ECU - The European Independent Film Festival 2015, Paris/France - Nominated

o 10th Myrtle Beach International Film Festival 2015, MyrtleBeach, South Carolina/USA - Nominated

o 33rd International Film Festival of Uruguay 2015, Montevideo/Uruguay - Nominated

o 32nd Busan International Short Film Festival (BISFF) 2015, Busan/South Korea - Nominated

o 6th SHIRE INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM FESTIVAL (SSIF) 2015, Auburn/Australia - Official Selection

o CLARE VALLEY International Film Festival 2015, Clare Valley/Australia - Official Selection

o Shorts at Moonlight Kurzfilmfestival 2015, Hofheim/Germany - Official Selection

o Arkadia ShortFest 2015, Baicoi/Romania - Official Selection

o 4. International Tour Film Fest 2015, Rome/Italy - Official Selection

o ÉCU-in-Viseu 2015, Viseu/Portugal - Official Selection

o LEEDS International Film Festival 2015, Leeds/England - Official Selection

o 16th IZMIR Short Film Festival 2015, Izmir/Turkey - Official Selection

o VAULT Film Festival 2016, London/England - Official Selection


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