A courier takes a hitchhiker on the road. When the hitchhiker warns him that the end of the world is around the corner, the courier labels him as crazy, without knowing this accidental encounter will change his life forever.


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Alexandru Suciu  - Dan

Elias Ferkin  - the hitchhiker


Directors - Gabi Virginia Șarga, Cătălin Rotaru
Producers - Adina Sădeanu, Alexandru Crăciun
Screenplay - Gabi Virginia Șarga, Cătălin Rotaru
Director of Photography - Tudor Platon
Production Assistant - Andrei Crăciun
First ID - Mihaela Costache Dunga
Editing - Andrei Iancu
Sound - Ștefan Azaharioaie
Colour - Lucian Iordan
Script supervisor - Natalia Volohova Deliu
Department of IT - Ciprian Cimpoi


o 69th Cannes Film Festival – Short Film Official Competition, May 2016, Cannes, France

o 15th Transilvania International Film Festival, Romanian Shorts Competition, May – June 2016, Cluj Napoca, Romania

o 7th Festivalul de Film Modern Movie, Jul 2016, Galați, Romania

o 13th Anonimul International Independent Film Festival, Aug 2016, Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania

o 22nd Sarajevo Film Festival, Aug 2016, Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina – PRIZE: SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY

o 14th Molise Cinema Film Fest, Aug 2016, Casacalenda, Italy

o Leevandia Best of Cannes Event, Aug 2016, Moscow, Russia

o 3rd Victoria Film Festival, Aug 2016, Victoria, Romania

o B-EST Shorts Film Festival, Sept 2016, Timișoara, Romania - PRIZE: SPECIAL MENTION OF THE JURY

o 29th Rakkautta & Anarkiaa - Helsinki International Film Festival, Sep 15th - 25th 2016, Helsinki, Finland

o 3rd Arkadia ShortFest, Sept 2016, Băicoi, Romania

o 31st Festival International du Film Francophone du Namur, Sept – Oct 2016, Namur, Belgium

o 38th CINEMED International Mediterranean Film Festival of Montpellier, Oct 2016, Montpellier, France

o 14th International Film Festival TOFIFEST, Oct 2016, Torun, Poland, PRIZE: GOLDEN ANGEL

o Best of Cannes Shorts at Phi Centre, Nov 2016, Montreal, Canada

o 9th CINEAST Festival du Film d'Europe Centrale et Orientale, Oct 2016, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

o 38th Cairo International Film Festival, Nov 2016, Cairo, Egypt

o 26th FilmFestival Cottbus, Nov 2016, Cottbus, Germany

o 6th UK Film Festival, Nov 2016, London, UK - PRIZE: EDGEWARE GRAND PRIX for Best Short Film

o 12th Romanian Film Festival in Munchen, Dec 2016, Munchen, Germany

o 11th IPIFF - Independent Producers Indie Film Festival, Dec 2016, Bucharest, Romania - PRIZE: SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE JURY

o 11th International Short Film Festival ŻUBROFFKA, Dec 2016, Białystok, Poland

o 12th Romanian Film Festival in Munchen, Dec 2016, Munchen, Germany

o 33rd European Film Festival of Lille, Mar 2017, Lille, France

o 11th Edition of GOPO Awards, March 2017, Bucharest, Romania - PRIZE: BEST SHORT AWARD

o 22nd Vilnius Film Festival KINO PAVASARIS, March 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania

o 48th Nashville Film Festival, April 2017, Nashville, USA - PRIZE: NARRATIVE SHORT FILM AUDIENCE AWARD

o 7th Kiev International Short Film Festival, April 2017, Kiev, Ukraine

o Les Nuits en Or 2017, Panorama & Europe Tour, June 2017


Gabi Virginia Șarga

Cătălin Rotaru


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Axis Media Production, Flama Booking

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